Society for the Study of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Ireland

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N.B. This is an archive page of a past meeting.

Autumn Scientific Meeting 2013

8th - 9th November 2013

Our Autumn meeting will again take place in the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Please note the date in your diary.

MRI Detection of Sub Clinical Structural Cardiac Dysfunction in HIV Positive Men

Dr Aisling Loy, GUM SPR
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HPV vaccines: where to next?

Margaret Stanley, Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge, UK
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Review of Gonorrhoea Contacts

Louise Pomeroy GMHS, Mick Quinlan GMHS, Susan Clarke SJH / GMHS
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Understanding the increase in gonorrhoea diagnoses from GUM clinics

S Todd Public Health Agency, S McGuinness Genitourinary Medicine RVH, N Irvine Genitourinary Medicine RVH, S Quah Public Health Agency
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Haemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis in HIV-positive patients

E Walker, E McCarty, C Donnelly, C Emerson, S Quah, GUM Clinic, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast
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Optimism, Community Attachment, and Serostatus Disclosure among HIV-Positive MSM in Ireland

P Murphy1, D Hevey1, S O’Dea2, N Ní Rathaille2, F Mulcahy2
1. Research Centre for Psychological Health, School of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin
2. Department of GU Medicine and Infectious Diseases, St James’s Hospital
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Prospective Observational European Study of the natural history and Treatment of Syphilis in HIV positive individuals – The POETS Study

Rowley D 1, Fätkenheuer G 2, Swięcki P 3, Horban A 3, Zangerle R 4, Sabin C 5, O’Dea S 1, Mulcahy F 1
1.The GUIDE Clinic, St James Hospital, Dublin 8, Ireland
2 Klinik I für Innere Medizin,Uniklinik Köln,Germany
3 The Hospital for Infectious Diseases,Warsaw, Poland
4 Department of Dermatology and Venereology, Innsbruck Medical University, Austria
5 University College London (UCL), London, United Kingdom
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Society for the Study of Sexually Transitted Diseases in Ireland