Society for the Study of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Ireland

Council Members

Dr Say QuahPresident Elected
Dr Andrea HolmesSecretary Elected
Dr Grainne CourtneyTreasurer Elected
Dr Derek FreedmanCouncil member Elected
Prof Fiona MulcahyCouncil member Elected
Dr. Fiona LyonsCouncil member Elected
Dr Mary DennehyCouncil member Elected
Dr Carol EmersonCouncil member Elected
Dr Emma McCartyCouncil member Elected
Dr Suzanne CreminCouncil member Elected
Dr. Margaret Fitzgerald  Co-opted - representing Public Health
Dr Claire Coleman  Co-opted - representing Nurses
Dr. Eoin Walker  Co-opted - representing Junior Doctors
Ms Sandra Delamere SSSTDI Administrator
Society for the Study of Sexually Transitted Diseases in Ireland