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Next Meeting : 2024 Spring Meeting

20th Apr 2024

The Bridge House Hotel Tullamore

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About the Society

The Society for the Study of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Ireland was founded in September 1985.   Dr. Derek Freedman was elected as the first Chairperson.

The proposal was for a society to provide a forum for the discussion and co-ordination of clinical services, and to promote, encourage and improve the clinical and public health aspects of sexually transmitted diseases. It has become the lead professional representative body for those working in the field of sexual health with particular emphasis on the management of STIs and HIV in Ireland.

The Society has gone on to hold meetings once or twice a year ever since. Its membership grew to 60-80 in the 1990s and currently the Society has 198 members.

Major milestones in the Society's development were the co-hosting of the 1997 EADV congress where almost 4,000 delegates attended;  and a joint meeting with the Indian Association of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS in Jaipur 1998.

The Society was formally incorporated as a non-profit making company limited by guarantee in 2002 with recognition as such by the Revenue Commissioners.

The company is established for charitable purposes only - its main objects are
a) To advance education in the area of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
b) To serve as a national focus and co-ordinator for medical professional and public activities in relation to sexually transmitted diseases and HIV in Ireland.

To achieve these objects it can sponsor and promote research, education and training in the fields of STDs and HIV-AIDS and to award prizes and scholarships.  It is to encourage communication between members and to hold meetings.  It can advise or represent the opinion of the members in relation to public health and administration matters with particular reference to training, staffing, funding, education and information.

Council Members

Dr Fiona Lyons President Elected
Dr Aisling Loy Secretary Elected
Dr Grainne Courtney Treasurer Elected
Dr Enda Barron Council member Elected
Ms Gillian Farrell, ANP Council member Elected
Dr Derek Freedman Council member Elected
Dr Emma McCarty Council member Elected
Prof Fiona Mulcahy Council member Elected
Dr Say Quah Council member Elected
Dr Eoin Walker  Council Member Elected
Dr John White Council Member Elected
Dr Margaret Fitzgerald Council Member Elected - representing Public Health
Ms Sile Dooley   Co-opted - Representative for Health Advisors Association
Ms Fi Herraghty & Ms Anne Moriarty   SSSTDI Administrators


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